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Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC)

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South Conduit Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC) is a rigid steel
electrical conduit designed for outdoor exposure and strong
connections. It was designed specifically to protect insulated
electrical conductors and cables. It does the work of a similar metal
conduit, rigid metal conduit (RMC), but weighs about a 1/3 less.

• Light weight steel conduit
• Smooth defect-free interior and exterior
• Hot-dipped galvanized
• 10' length
• Custom lengths are available upon request


*Outside Diameter Tolerances:
+/- .005 in. (.13mm) for Trade Sizes 1/2" (16mm) through 1" (25mm)
+/- .0075 in. (.19mm) for Trade Sizes 1-1/4" (36mm) through 2" (53mm)
+/- 0.10 in. (.25mm) for Trade Sizes 2-1/2" (63mm) through 4" (103mm)
**Wall Thickness Tolerances:
+ 0.15 in. (.38mm) and - .000 for Trade Sizes 1/2" (13mm) through 2" (53mm)
+ 0.20 in. (.51mm) and - .000 for Trade Sizes 2-1/2" (63mm) through 4" (103mm)
Note: Length = 10 ft. (3.05M) with a tolerance of +/- .25 in. (6.35mm)


South Conduit IMC complies
with the following standards:
UL1242 & ANSI C80.6

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