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Aluminum Rigid Conduit (ARC)

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South Conduit Aluminum Rigid Conduit (ARC) combines light weight
and corrosion resistance to provide a full-line of easy to install, low
maintenance conduit whenever specifications call for aluminum.

• Resists most corrosive atmospheres in industrial environments
• Easily cut, bend and thread without special tools
• Non-corrosive; no discoloring streaks or stains
• 10' length
• Custom lengths are available upon request

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1/2" to 1-1/2" Trade sizes +/- 0.15 In. 2" to 6" Trade sizes +/- 1%. each length of conduit with coupling attached will be nominally 10 Ft.



Best Practices:
Cutting: A hacksaw is recommended to cut trade sizes 11/4 and smaller.
Larger trade sizes can be cut with power cut-off equipment.

Bending: Standard EMT benders, one size larger than the size of the conduit, should be used on
conduit trade sizes 1 and smaller. For sizes over trade size 1", conventional equipment is recommended.

Threading: Sharp dies and conventional cutting oil should be used for aluminum conduit.
A general-purpose emulsifiable oil can provide excellent results.

Fittings: Aluminum fittings are recommended; however, cadmium plated, or galvanized fittings are satisfactory for most installations.

Fishing & Wire Pulling: Trade sizes up to 1-1/2” and on shorter runs (up to 100 feet), polyethylene fish tapes can be used effectively. Also
recommended are round, flexible, speedometer-type steel cables. Use of flat steel tapes should be avoided since they tend to jam
in the bends, or if not used carefully, scrape and cut conduit walls. For pulling large conductors through larger conduit or longer runs,
polypropylene rope is recommended. Steel pulling cables, especially when old or frayed, can damage steel or aluminum conduit.

In Soil or Concrete: U.L. states that aluminum conduit used in concrete or in contact with soil requires supplementary corrosion protection.
Examples of supplementary protection are paints approved for the purpose, tape wraps approved for the purpose, or PVC coated conduit.

South Conduit Rigid Aluminum conduit,
elbows and couplings complies with
the following standards: ANSI C 80.5,
and UL-6A. 6063 Aluminum alloy in
temper designation T1.

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